The story of Modular Dwellings started, like many clever concepts, with a conversation. Back in 2013, Northland builder and designer Davey Briggs and his old building mate were having a yarn about housing.

They foresaw the problem we have today where many young people can no longer afford to buy their first home, and the struggles they have with rising rents.

They also recognised a housing need for people who were downsizing or those who wanted to simplify their lives and reduce their carbon footprint.

The pair put their heads together and the concept of Modular Dwellings was born.

Three years later Davey had created the first two prototypes; compact modules that offer affordable living solutions and don’t scrimp on quality.

Davey gathered a small team of qualified carpenters and established a workshop in Kerikeri.

With more than 25 years building experience, Davey knew his prefabricated, self-contained dwellings would provide the perfect solution for many living situations.

They can be used as sleepouts, studios, workshops and offices, right through to luxury tiny homes, bed and breakfast accommodation or holiday homes.

Quality materials and workmanship is assured; all modules are built to code and come with a Certificate of Compliance to lined stage where applicable, and Davey is a licensed builder registered with Licensed Building Practitioners.